UPDATE — The ENDLESS closet Part II

Adan Men
22 min readAug 5

They just didn’t quit; they kept knocking at the door, my neighbors. They wanted to talk to me but honestly I had no interest in hearing what they had to say. It had been a few days since me and Emma did our best to escape Ginger Hills, I’ve must driven for what seemed like hours and at first; the plan was simple it was to keep driving; I mean there had to be an exit, right? For the first few days we slept in the car, actually more like I would take naps and Emma, well, she still hadn’t woken up; the poor thing was exhausted and I couldn’t blame her. I think I might of gotten a total of 4 hours of sleep since the moment we started looking for a way out; a way to escape ‘Ginger Hills’. Every time I felt myself dozing off one of my neighbors would find us and approach the car; gibberish spewing out of their mouth, I didn’t bother trying to listen to what they had to say, instead; I would peel out of there with vigorous intent.

This became routine, I would park and close my eyes, as soon as I felt my body become weightless I would usually then hear the ponderous steps of someone getting close; that’s when my eyes would shoot open, I would then turn the engine only to find a new spot to hide. Eventually we ran out of gas, I didn’t have any other choice than to return home. I tried to wake my girlfriend but she didn’t budge, I had to carry her, at first I had no clue in the neighborhood where I was and figured I might be walking for hours, as soon as I turned the corner their was our house; It wasn’t even two blocks away. I didn’t have any logic to this whole ordeal and just accepted whatever the hell this was. I got back inside the house and placed Emma down on our couch, she was still breathing but it was faint and I feared she would never wake up. I threw a blanket over her cold body and kissed her forehead as subtle tears cascaded down my concerned face. I then looked over at our bedroom; the door was wide open exactly how we left it, but even more dreadful was the closet door; it too wide open, darkness pouring out into the living room. With hints of terror swirling around my head I cautiously closed the door to the dire room not wanting to make a sound just in case that ‘thing’ heard we were back. After a few days the knocking started, my neighbors knew we were home, but I remained hidden in the shadows of our living room grabbing at my ears trying to shelter…

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