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Adan Men
2 min readFeb 2
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This is not meant to be clickbait nor is meant to teach anyone how to grow their channel on Youtube rather it’s merely me venting of my struggles on trying to build a bigger audience. I like to think of myself as a writer in all forms; which at its core means I am a story teller. I like to manifest my thoughts into reality one letter at a time and so far I have gotten better at doing so; mainly thanks to me finding Medium. I’m able to express myself in a very therapeutic way but more gratifying is I am polishing my own natural skills, some people read my stories and a lot of people don’t; even the ones that do read them will hardly leave a comment. I personally would love some harsh constructive criticism but most people are just supportive so I’m not too sure how good my writing is; point being I had the need to know what people really thought without paying some beta reader to critique my short 10 minute story and that’s why I decided to narrate my own — produce them and upload them to YouTube.

YouTube is a different beast on it’s own I has hoping for some truth or insight to what people thought of my stories but instead I feel much the same as I do here, a bit perplexed and unsatisfied. Once again I find that people that do view my stories hardly leave a comment although I have maybe a handful of users that seem to really enjoy my content. Some say they like my voice while others like my production but I hardly get any comments or feedback on the story itself, so I challenged myself to try by all means to grow my audience on YT throughout the year and this is going to be done by consitentcy; I will write/narrate and produce a video once a week. If I don’t see real growth in six months I think I just might give up on writing in general, so the count down begins today and I felt like sharing my feelings on the platform that has nurtured my inner ‘Poe’. Hopefully to anyone that might have read this I had no intentions of trying to “clickbait” you I just felt like blogging for once; which is rare but I might be doing more often, cheers!

If anyone has any suggestions on how to market or grow my audience I would love to hear it. :)

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