The VOICES are trying to TELL me something

Adan Men
16 min readNov 12, 2023

I’m the popular kid, always have been, I don’t know why people like me; they just do. Sure I’m attractive and all, but, I like to think it’s because of my personality. My friends constantly follow me around, complimenting me all while hanging on to every word I say. In fact, I usually give out all the dating advice; I’m a bit of a relationship expert; even though I’ve actually never been in a relationship; well not a serious one. I rotate my women like I rotate my diets, one week I’ll be dating some book worm the next I’ll be dating the captain of the cheerleading squad, what can I say life is perfect. My high school years so far have been the pinnacle of my existence and with the confidence that seems to grow stronger in my stomach I knew all would stay that way as long as I wanted it to, that is until I started hearing the most bizarre voices.

They were muffled at first; a mere whisper in sea of silence, in fact, I thought it could of just been background noise coming from some air unit. But, the sounds only got a bit louder each day until I finally I could make out the words.

It was during lunch, as usual; my friends circled around me listening to my latest tales on some date I had, I could see all the gleeful smiles as each and everyone of them remained completely enthralled in my story. That’s when I got a phone call, looking down at my screen I saw it was from my mother; so I stepped away from my jovial squad to answer.

“Hey mom, uhmm whats up?” I said unenthusiastically.

To my surprise all I heard was static, I figured it was just a bad signal and I promptly hung up expecting her to call back if it was something important, I could still hear my friends chatting amongst themselves while my back was turned to them and that’s when suddenly those same whispers returned, the voices fluttered in my ear causing them to tingle a bit; all I could do is rub at my ears; trying to ease my irritation.

“Dude you’re so the man!” I heard my friend Peter yell out.

I smiled, understanding how admired I was, all while that subtle vibrating sensation dissipated.

“Thanks bro, I appreciate it” I told my band of merry men as I turned back to them putting my phone back into my pocket.



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