The Short Cut

Adan Men
16 min readAug 22, 2022
Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

“Baby you ain’t seen nothing yet…bum bum”

“Can you slow down?” Jennifer asked me while looking irritated with my singing.

I turn the radio even louder then start serenading the lyrics to her, my foot pushing more pressure down on the gas pedal thrusting us to about 80 miles per hour.

“She looked at me with those ‘big ole’ eyes and said b-b-b-baby you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

Jennifer more annoyed now reaches over to turn off the radio then punches me in the gut, causing me to swerve almost losing control of the car.

“Jesus, do you have to be so violent”, I playfully tell her.

“And can you slow down, I don’t feel like dying tonight”, she scolds back.

I smile at her and take a long drag from the expiring cigarette that lays tightly gripped between my chapped lips. I throw the cigarette bud out the window and blow the smoke towards her side of the vehicle. She just stares at me with an unmovable gaze, seemingly as if she were contemplating the idea of killing me.

“Chill out babe”, I tell her.

“You frustrate the shit out of me, do you know that; and you’re singing the lyrics wrong”, she tells me.

I pause for a minute; I’m I singing it wrong? I take a few seconds re-singing the song in my head; my eyes bobbing up and down to the imaginary chorus.

“Whatever, I improved the song”, I say while I reach over and give her an innocent shove. Her stoic stare breaks and a slight smile forms on her beautiful face and she giggles. I always know how to break the ice with her, I can be annoying but at the same time it’s my charm. This is what happens when we have been driving for over 4 hours, the car becomes a little smaller with each passing minute and the oxygen grows thinner causing us to burst into arguments over the smallest of things.

“Seriously, can just slow down a bit”, she demands politely.

“Babe, we’re like the only car on the road right now, its 2 A.M. I doubt we’re going to see another car anytime soon”, I explain to her.

“You have to watch out for cops, we can’t afford to get pulled over remember”.



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