The LIFELESS body in the window

Adan Men
12 min readOct 10, 2022

I saw a lifeless body pressed up against an apartment window while driving home from work and I’m not too sure what to think of it. It was about a week ago, I was driving home on my usual route; me zoned out allowing my subconscious to guide me and it wasn’t until a red light stopped me, that’s when I saw it. There was mid-rise apartment complex on the corner of an intersection; an intersection I usually ignore but for some reason that day the red light took longer than usual; well it seemed to. My senses gradually returned to me after an hour of mind numbing driving, I let out a heavy exhale, me sitting there being impatient since I still had another 30 minutes ahead of me. So as I waited for the light to turn I started to look around, nothing seemed out of the ordinary people walking along the sidewalk carrying on with their day to day lives; boring I thought, so I started to look up. My eyes scanned each window, not really anticipating anything of excitement, my music blasting in the background, I could feel my thoughts beginning to wander once again that was until my eyes passed it, and it took my brain a few seconds to register what I just saw.

“Wait, what the hell” I said to myself.

My eyes quickly backtracked to the last window, I paused on it with utter confoundment; it couldn’t be what I thought it was; was it? I squinted my eyes trying get a better view, cautiously I was able to make out the shape; I could clearly see its legs and torso pressed up against the window its head turned away from me only revealing its shaggy hair.

“Has to be someone sleeping?” I mummer-ed to myself.

I stared at it for several seconds waiting for the body to move but nothing, it didn’t.


The car behind me blaring its horn for me to move, startling me causing me to instinctively press on the accelerator; I threw my arm up in a polite gesture to apologize but the car aggressively drove around me and flicked me off, go figure. As I continued my drive home I couldn’t get the image of that body out of my head, it couldn’t be what I thought it was; it had to be someone sleeping perhaps pressed up against the window?

“But sleeping in that odd position?” I asked myself.

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