I use to LOVE Halloween for it’s CANDY until I found one STRANGE piece

Adan Men
9 min readOct 15

When I was kid my favorite holiday was Halloween, it was a day I looked forward to all year round; unlike most kids that anticipated gifts during Christmas all I could ever think about was the candy. To me it was something wondrous to be able walk to a strangers house and ask for a treat, the scary costumes where a just bonus; dressing up like my favorite super hero each year left me feeling deserving of such a delicious sweet. For the most part that wonderment didn’t change, each year I would gather with my friends and scour the streets for as much candy as our Halloween containers could hold; usually my friends would get tired before me which I didn’t mind, in fact, I figured I was better off without them; more candy for me after all. I would hit a few more houses before deciding to head home but this one particular night I felt a bit more determined, I told myself that if I could just get a few more pieces, that I would be set for the rest of year; the idea of eating the gluttonous treats for months practically made my mouth water so I did something I had never done before and that was, I left my usual neighborhood and visited the houses on the outskirts of town. I imagined unearthing a chest full of undiscovered houses as if I were some 18th century explorer searching for new corners of the earth.

My parents always told me to stay close to home, that the people that lived outside our neighborhood were different, that they didn’t celebrate Halloween like we did, at the time I didn’t give it much thought I just figured my parents were over exaggerating. So I ventured out into the darken roads that seemed to be desolated of any trick or treaters leaving me with the idea that there had to be more delicious unseen treasures all waiting for me to uncover them. I must of walked for about 10 minutes before seeing a house, at first glance I thought my parents were right, from what I saw the lights were off to the crumbling house; no decorations of any kind lay in the front yard; it was clear this house had no candy and for the most part the house seemed to be abandoned. I decided to walk a bit further hoping to find at least one house that was giving out candy; at this point my mind was no longer enthralled with trick or treating instead it was enchanted with the premise of being able to tell my classmates…

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