I saw a DOG walking a MAN and I don’t know what to think

Adan Men
11 min readOct 31

That’s right; I saw a dog walking a man and I am completely confounded on what to think. No I wasn’t high or drunk, I saw it when I was out for one of my runs, at first I just figured the man was one of those people that would drag their slow dogs along but as I my distance shortened I realized it was the dog guiding the man. I know what you’re thinking, sometimes dogs do that and I would say sure, but, the dog was directing the man from behind, even more bewildering was the fact that the dog clenched a leech tightly in it’s jaws while the curious man had it’s collar firmly clasped around his neck. As I ran past I gave the odd man a polite wave thinking he would do the same in return instead his dead eyes roamed around as he tilted his head side to side, though, the dog gave me a bit of a bow; I just shook my head trying to brush off the entire situation as nothing more than the circumstances of big city life.

I’ve always seen the bizarre while running, in fact that’s one of the reasons I like to run; it’s the people watching, seeing others live their lives as I sprint past. Sometimes they wave hi to me and other times they seem to block my path purposely; either way it’s always something different. I’ve seen plenty of muggings, when that happens I try my best not to stare too hard not wanting to get caught up in the situation; I tend to speed up. I’ve seen plenty of arguments typically between couples, sometimes neighbors I once saw a homeless man yelling at a rat that seemed to be running away with some of his belongings. It’s the life of the big city and I enjoyed every moment of it, well, I did until I got older, my kids pleaded with me to move away somewhere more safe I guess in their minds as I aged I was becoming more brittle; which makes me laugh since I’m not that old but they are protective of me. My wife passed away from an illness when both my kids were little, so it was just me doing my best to raise two girls; as you can imagine I was their hero their protector and as I knock on the door of turning 60 they feel as they need to watch over me.

I care about my daughters they mean world to me so I thought instead of moving out of the city — which I loved — I would move to a condo that was within a gated community, to add to the illusion of more safety I moved to one that was predominantly…

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