I learned how to PERFECT Lucid DREAMING

Adan Men
23 min readSep 10

I was married, she was the love of my life; when I first met Jessica it was like finding my soulmate. It didn’t take long for us to move in with each other and soon we got married. It was the happiest time of my life; all three months of it, unfortunately we were in a car accident and my Jessica, well, she didn’t make it. At first I didn’t even know what had happen; the collision was awful and I was flung out of the car through the windshield; my skull practically caved in while the rest of my body shattered, although this is what saved me. I was in the passenger seat and my Jessica was driving, she always was the responsible one; seeing me not wearing a seat belt bothered her and she pestered me to no ends to wear one. I joked around and pulled on the belt as if I were going to secure into place only to retreat it back, I did this several times giggling knowing how immature I was acting.

At first she laughed along but then got serious, I saw her eyebrows dip down with a bit of annoyance and her beautiful smile that I was utterly enchanted with turned into a frown. This is when we started to argue, I told her that I didn’t care to wear one and that she shouldn’t be so controlling, as you can guess she didn’t like that answer. This is when the shouting escalated, I noticed that she started to swerve a bit as her attention was on me, I tried to get her to look at the road but that’s all it took, mere seconds; seconds that have the formidable power to change your life. The last memory I have was the frighten face of the love of my life; then nothing, just pure darkness. I don’t even remember dreaming it was as if I was lost in a void of emptiness, nothing mattered, time seized to exist, I drifted endlessly in the vacuum of space and that’s when I slowly began to see a light, a vague one in the distance that only grew stronger as it pulsated towards me. Eventually the light showered me in it’s warmth overwhelming my senses, I felt a tingling sensation erupt up my back and that’s when I woke up.

Apparently I was in a coma, looking around the empty room; everything felt foreign; tubes protruded from different orifices of my body as a steady beeping from the heart monitor engulfed the desolated space. Looking around the dimly lit room I realized it was night time, the corridor laid still and silent, I tried to turn my neck to see if…

Adan Men

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