Flash HORROR story — Scary stories while we DRIVE

Adan Men
2 min readMar 27

I love ghost stories, it’s something me and my friends have in common. We like to drive around in the back roads of our county watching the treeline pass by us as the darkness engulfs our surroundings; this is when we tell each other our stories. Sometimes it’s about the paranormal other times it’s something more silly like a serial killer, but we like to scare each other.

“I have a scary one” Rebecca said as she cautiously kept her hands on the wheel while driving.

Me and my other friends looked at each other with excitement because Rebecca always told the best tales.

“I was driving on this same road last night, I was sad and decided to end it all and when I saw the headlights of an oncoming vehicle I crashed into it and died”

Me and my friends looked at each other with befuddlement realizing the story wasn’t funny. That’s when I saw an approaching vehicle their head lights showering us in its light and then Rebecca disappeared, as we collided into the oncoming vehicle.

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