Flash HORROR story — I found a STRANGE CAT

Adan Men
2 min readMar 13

I heard the meows coming from outside my window, usually I would just ignore it but something compelled me to go outside and help this cat; perhaps it was in danger. As I cautiously followed the whimpers coming from the small creature I nearly tripped over the rotting corpse of a dog, I found it odd but continued my search.

There in the darkness I saw the glistening eyes of the cat, I stepped closer and noticed it was an odd looking animal, I didn’t recognize the breed but I called for it and the kitty slithered towards me. It’s elongated fork tongue spiraled towards me licking my hand with enchantment; I smiled and embraced the slimy creature in my arms.

Each day my cat grows bigger along with it’s appetite, I don’t know what to feed it anymore, at first it would eat other cats, now, I feed it small children. Now that it’s grown it’s tentacles it seems as if it’s hunger is never satiated and I fear it soon my eat me.

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