Flash Horror fiction — The man with the BLOODY FACE

Adan Men
2 min readMar 7, 2023

I’ve been around death all my life, in fact for some reason death seems to follow me and to be honest I think I know who it is.

When I was a kid I witnessed the most gruesome car accident, a full on collision and I stood frozen in utter disbelief horrified and that’s when I heard the laughter, there was man standing next to the demolished car, his face covered in blood. I didn’t know what to think I figured he might of been part of the accident; but something about him was off.

The strange man appeared another time when I saw a man suffer a heart attach at work, people rushing to his aide while I pulled out my phone to record and as before there it was, laughter; that man was back.

He appeared anytime someone was dying so to my horror when I became ill and heard laughter coming from behind me, I knew I was dead.

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