Flash HORROR Fiction — Summer HEAT

Adan Men
2 min readJun 30
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Summers are the worst, I can’t stand the heat, I’m one of those people that are just naturally hot; no not in appearance; rather my body temperature. I drink plenty of water, I dress down almost everyday, but whatever I do I can’t cool down.

This year has been the hottest thus far, I didn’t know what to do so I decided to shave my head, it was refreshing, I got rid of all my body hair and for awhile it helped; but when the sun comes out it just gets too hot. I filled the bath tub with ice and just soaked for hours and then the revelation became clear, I need get rid of more than just body hair. I started with the skin on my arms, I could feel the sensation of a breeze erupt throughout my body, I then scraped off the skin on my legs, to my delight it was working, I then peeled the skin off of my face and finally, there it was, the utter feeling of relief; I felt cool.

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