Flash HORROR Fiction — Someone keeps KNOCKING at my DOOR

Adan Men
2 min readMay 10

Can you hear it, the knocking, it doesn’t stop and I don’t know what to do anymore. It first came in the middle of the night, I just laid down to go to bed when I heard it, the faint sound of knocking. A bit of horror crept in to the forefront of my mind bewildered as to why someone would be bothering me at this time of night. Approaching the door I saw no one, just an empty hallway, the next night there it was again that knocking; but this time a bit louder. I grabbed a kitchen knife and cautiously slithered towards the door as before there was no one.

This went on for days, the knocking, it always came at the same time. I complained to my building but they couldn’t do anything, I needed to know who it was so I decided to stay up late waiting by the door, I could feel my skin crawling from fear and finally there it was the knocking and my eyes widened with complete terror; it was coming from my balcony and I live on the 20th floor.

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