Flash HORROR fiction — No ESCAPE!

Adan Men
1 min readAug 16

I didn't know which door to choose anymore, at this point I had given up. It’s been hours or even perhaps days since my father sent me to the garage. I have always been an obedient son and anytime my father told me to do something I would do it.

So when my father sent me to the garage to retrieve more salt from our pantry I eagerly complied, I walked down the dim corridor that led to our garage and opened the door. At first everything was normal, the pantry laid in the corner of the dark room and I walked over to grab the extra jar of salt. It wasn’t until I walked back to the same door did I realize I was back in the garage. I thought this was odd at first, thinking my mind was playing tricks on me so I stepped through he door once again but just ended up in the garage. I repeated this several times and always ended up the same. Now it’s been hours and I fear I might never escape.

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Adan Men

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