Flash HORROR fiction — My Neighbor is STRANGE

Adan Men
2 min readApr 22

I have the strangest neighbor, I hardly ever see him but whenever he does show himself it’s only for a few seconds. I usually wave ‘hi’ to the odd man and that’s when I first noticed it, he had no face. No visible features, just a blur, I was quite perturbed by the incident but my curiosity seeped through my very soul.

I had to know how that was possible so for days I stalked the man, following him anywhere whenever he would leave. I even broke into his house doing my best to get a glimpse of his horrifying face that’s when he caught me, I could hear his jovial laughter reveling in the fact he had captured me and that’s when he somehow tore off my face and put it on his own and now people stare at me bewildered and disgusted for having no face.

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