Flash HORROR fiction — My girlfriend ALWAYS LIES to ME

Adan Men
2 min readJun 11

I don’t trust my girlfriend, she constantly lies to me, I’ve caught on several occasions doing so. We consistently argue, sometimes it gets physical; I don’t hit her or anything like that but I do grab her and sometimes squeeze her arm to tightly. Her parents have called me accusing me of abusing her, I tell them to mind their business and that they should of raised her right, they usually hang up on me. Lately I’ve noticed that she’s been more distant, I think she might be seeing someone else, the mere thought breaks my heart so I followed her, trying to figure out where she was going, but, she caught me. She got angry, yelling at me with such disdain and to my dismay she broke up with me. I cried and told how can she be so cruel and responded with

“I guess I have no heart”.

Needless to say I wasn’t going to let her go, she belongs to me and as I put her lifeless body on my couch I decided to test her theory. As I tore into her chest it was clear she in fact did have a heart, I frowned because my girlfriend always lies to me.

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