Flash HORROR fiction — I NEED more ENERGY

Adan Men
1 min readMay 26

I can’t stop, I just keep drinking them; energy drinks. To be specific it’s a new brand, one that I’ve never heard of; I found it in our local convenience store. As soon as I took a sip I could feel all the blood escape my body leaving me engulfed in a sensation of floating, to say the least I was inundated with energy and from that moment I was hooked.

I started with one a day, then 2 and now I’m up to 8. I feel so alive but to my horror I’ve noticed I’ve started to change, my teeth have become more serrated, my finger nails resemble what look like claws and I can feel 2 little horns protruding from my forehead. I know I should stop but I need more energy, I just need one more sip.

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