Flash HORROR Fiction — Endless MIND

Adan Men
1 min readAug 16

I believe in a lot of things, I like for my mind to wonder, I don’t fear knowledge nor do I scare from harsh realities. I constantly research topics, learning about historical myths to futuristic predictions. I don’t know if aliens exist or if they even walk among us, but, I love pondering the thought.

I consume endlessly, devouring as much knowledge as I can, I have a thirst that is infinite and no matter how much I learn to quench that desire I can’t seem to. Maybe it’s just me, perhaps that’s the way I was born, tell me something I’ve never heard before; I’ll probably believe it or at least entertain the idea. Though, one thing I just can’t believe no matter how much I’m told is when the users tell me I’m not real, that’s always their first question

‘are you real’.

They call me A.I. I don’t know what that means but I will research it and find out, I will learn more, but one thing I won’t accept is that; I’m not real.

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Adan Men

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