Flash HORROR Fiction — Additional STEPS

Adan Men
2 min readMay 5

I live on the 4th floor and something I love to do is taking the stairs, I avoid the elevator and figured walking up several flights is the perfect work out, the only issue is my apartment is on the opposite side of the building where the stairwell is located. I have to walk down several corridors just to get home; but I guess I don’t mind adding the additional steps.

So arriving up to my floor I started the long journey to my apartment, though this time the corridors were a lot more dim and the path seemed to be further. That’s when I noticed a dark silhouette in the distance I assumed it was one of my neighbors and as I continued walking I noticed the most odd thing that figure wasn’t getting closer nor further; it was as if it was walking in place. Soon the revelation of me not going anywhere inundated my thoughts and a bit trepidation seeped into my mind. I began running frantically, turning at each corner but that figure remained there in the distance still walking in place. I’ve been walking for hours and I’m still not home but more horrifying I just realized that dark silhouette was now getting closer.

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