Flash fiction Horror story — The MIDNIGHT MAN

Adan Men
1 min readFeb 25

Close your eyes, let your body sink while you mind floats into the void of obscurity. Do you feel it; the sensation of falling; cautiously entering the land of slumber. Now open your eyes, you’re still in bed but its different, you’re room is different and you realize you can’t move, you can hardly breathe.

Now shift your eyes to the corner of the room, that shadow, you see the silhouette; it begins to move and it slowly creeps closer, you’re heart begins to accelerate; you want to scream but mere whimpers escape your mouth and soon it’s at your bedside wanting you to look at it. Whatever you do don’t stare at it, avoid it’s gaze but let it enter you, it want’s to be you, it wants to live. Eventually it will get tired of you and leave on it’s own and afterwards you will be gifted with luck, with wealth with anything you’ve ever desired because you just sold your soul to the ‘Midnight man’.

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copyright Adan Mendez (all rights reserved)

Adan Men

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