Flash fiction Horror story — The HEAD on my BED

Adan Men
2 min readMar 6

I don’t believe in the paranormal nor do I believe in the biblical, I’m a person that has to see it to digest it and my reality completely imploded when I arrived home to see the ‘head’. I didn’t know what it was, I figured it was some crazy prank, perhaps one of my neighbors snuck in to try to scare me.

The thing was grotesque and horrfying, I didn’t even want to touch it, the thing looked so real like some ghastly beast so I went to the closet to retrieve my broom but that’s when the creature spoke. I slowly turned to it frozen in place from terror, this couldn’t be real I must be dreaming; I thought, so as I stepped closer something came over me, I couldn’t explain what it was just a sensation as if I was being possessed, I was compelled to rip off my own head and I did. That thing took my body and now I’m just a head left alone on my own bed.

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