Flash fiction Horror Story— The Creature

Adan Men
1 min readFeb 21

Old man Jacobs was a hard working man, he believed that one could find bliss through one’s determination. So when he realized that a coyote was eating all his chickens he knew what had to be done, the only thing that could be done.

So the old man sat on his back porch overlooking the chicken coop, caressing his two barrel shot gun; waiting for the predator to arrive and that’s when he heard the sound. He approached slowly, taking each step with ease not wanting to alert the animal. He then lifted his rifle and aimed carefully and that’s when the elderly man saw it, it wasn’t a coyote, it wasn’t anything the old man had seen before and that’s when he let out a heavy gasp and unfortunately for old man Jacobs that’s all the creature needed to find him.

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Adan Men

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