Flash fiction HORROR story — A bedtime story for my son

Adan Men
2 min readMar 2, 2023

“…and when he opened his eyes he realized it was in the closet!” I told my son as I finished my climatic ending to my scary bed time story.

He pulled the covers over his small face doing his best to hide from my chilling tale. I softly chuckled underneath my breath seeing how enthralled he was in the world of spookiness I had laid before him.

“Alright son, it’s okay son it’s just a story there’s no monster in the closet.” I told him doing my best to comfort my now shaken young boy.

He remained unmoved and stayed hidden underneath the solace of his blanket, I then realized how terrified he was so I decided to get up and approach the closet door, wanting to convince him it was safe.

I opened the dimly lit closet door it creaking to life and he peeked his gaze from under the blanket only revealing his eyes, I presented to him the empty closet gesturing with my hands as if I was presenting some prize on a game show.

His withered shaky voice called out to me and I could feel my skin crawl as a sinister growl echoed throughout the room.

“But dad, it’s underneath; the bed”.

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