Flash fiction horror short — My WIFE loves her MAKEUP

Adan Men
1 min readFeb 23

My wife is a beautiful woman; someone I cherish with each passing day. She loves to wear make-up, something I don’t think she needs but it’s her brand she’s a bit of a “influencer”, so me trying to be a good husband would spoil her and treat her to whatever she wanted.

So when the revelation of her cheating on me with my best friend Joel came to light I was absolutely left shattered. I begged her to choose me not wanting to lose her. So I did what I had always done and that is I bought her more make-up, she took my gift to my delight and started to apply it on, I then could see her skin slowly begin to melt from the acid I had mixed in and I smiled because the only thought that crossed my mind was Joel wouldn’t want her anymore and now she would be mine forever.

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