Door Number 3

Adan Men
15 min readAug 12

I did my best to pry open the doors, I couldn’t get any of them to budge; for whatever reason door number 3 was calling out to me, a faint echo reverberating through my thoughts. I stared at the door for what seemed like an eternity but something in the back of my mind told me to look at the door knob and that’s when I noticed the odd design; it resembled a puzzle. I couldn’t tell you what it was perhaps intuition or something else but the revelation of how to open it came to me in what I could only describe as a dream while being awake. I grasped the glistening brass knob and turned to the right 3 times, then once to the left, a slight tingling erupted in my hand and finally I turned twice back to the right.


The door unlocked, the electrifying sensation now pulsated up my arm and into my body, inundating me with pure bliss. I felt a bit hesitant but I had to know what was on the other side and for a moment something was telling me not to go in; to run away as far from this place as I could, but the little devil that resided on my other shoulder pricked at my mind with curiosity; so with wonderment I opened the door.

It creaked open as a pungent smell hit me like a bag of bricks, it was stale almost like old cardboard that had been left out in the rain. Either way, I proceeded in, to my dismay it was pure darkness; I couldn’t see a thing. I shouted out to, well, anyone but nothing; not even an echo. I took baby steps going forward extending my arms out hoping to feel anything, at this point fear seeped into the forefront of my mind as I quickly regretted my decision of entering, I turned to head back but now there was nothing just more darkness; the door way was gone. That’s when I realized the horrid smell was no longer prevalent almost as if I was drifting away in a realm of nothingness, like a floating consciousness lost at in space. I continued forward still waving my arms around to find something, I felt weak; like the air was becoming thick almost as if I was walking through some sort of sludge — my bodying melting into this force. Soon my small steps morphed into me slithering forward while the thick sludge of emptiness became overwhelming, it invading my breathing. I began choking, coughing out with intent but funny enough I couldn’t even hear myself whimper out for air. The only thing I could feel was the intense beating of my own…

Adan Men

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