A story for my YouTube channel — The STATUES in my Grandfathers GARAGE

Adan Men
23 min readAug 24

I never knew my parents, I do remember my mom a bit, she disappeared when I was little and my father, well, I heard he left on the day I was born; some even connected the dots of my father having something to do with my mother’s disappearance, but I wouldn’t know. So I was raised by my grandparents they were strict but very loving; particularly I enjoyed spending time with my grandfather; he taught me a lot about growing into a man, showed me how to shave and talk to women; he even told me how to deal with heartache after my first break up. I knew since my grandparents were much older than me I didn’t have as much time as I would have wanted, but I cherished every minute that was available.

When I was sixteen my grandfather was diagnosed with some type of dementia, it was noticeable; his mind seem to wander bringing up the weirdest things, it broke my heart to see him in such a way. Even more terrifying was the fact he seemed to be aging at a rapid rate, by the time I had finished high school the man I looked up to was a mere shell of his former self, needing assistance from me or my grandmother in every way. This is when he started to say the most bizarre things,

“I got lost in the garage again” is something he would usually tell my grandmother.

I could tell by the look on her face how exhausted she was, constantly looking out for him, especially since he seemed to disappear quite frequently. Once we couldn’t find him for almost 8 hours, we were absolutely frantic and phoned for the police, but like usual we would find him hiding in one of the corners of our garage.

I’ve always hated our garage, something about it always left me feeling angst, especially when I was a kid. I remember my grand father sending me to fetch something from our second fridge that was stored in the garage; to get there I had to walk down a small corridor that connected the small car port to our home, I don’t know why it was built this way but it was and each time I had to cross that dimly lit threshold I would hold my breath with pure trepidation. Though nothing ever would happen I knew it was just my mind playing tricks on me, the shadows that danced around in the corners of my peripheral was all in my mind but I would typically quicken my pace once…

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