A story every week for my YouTube channel — WE have to leave our FRONT DOOR OPEN at NIGHT

Adan Men
9 min readMar 18

When I was a kid my parents had the strangest ritual, actually, it wasn’t just my parents, rather, it was my entire neighborhood; at night we all would leave our front doors wide open. The ceremonial event left me bewildered not understanding why we would do such a thing especially since during the day we kept our doors tightly shut. I know what you must be thinking, we probably did it because of the weather, but it didn’t matter if it was summer or fall; my father would still creep towards our front door cautiously and with clear hesitation protruding from his movements he would slowly unlatch the lock and creak the door open. I would just stand there in the corridor leading to our doorway and stare out into the desolated darkness that encapsulated our street, there were no lights no sounds just utter emptiness. To be honest, I was quite scared and I would contemplate the idea of closing the door but my father would watch me like a hawk warning me to never do such a thing, that in his words would lead to dire consequences. For being so young I couldn’t fathom such a horrid ending but in my mind the imaginary figures that danced around in front of me each night from the darkness terrified me more and unfortunately one day I found out what would happen when you did close the door.

It was a conversation amongst me and my friends, we all talked about what would happen if we ever were to shut the door. We usually would gather around our lockers at the end of the day and let our imagination run wild. Most of us had no clue but like any ten year old we all pretended as if we had the answers.

“It’s aliens, that’s what happens, they come down at night and they probe us” Timmy told me and Kevin.

We all a had laugh when he started to probe Stewie; the kid we all picked on as he happened to be walking by. In reality we all wanted to know the secret but we were just to scared to admit that we would never have the guts to find out.

“I almost closed the door once; only leaving a crack open, enough for me to look through” Kevin murmured softly.

Me and Timmy looked at him with disbelief not really believing him, but for some reason I felt my stomach sink; in the corner of my eye I could…

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