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Adan Men
10 min readMar 19

Have you ever stared at something so long that somehow time seems to fade into obscurity and what felt like mere seconds in reality have been minutes, well, me neither that was until I first saw it; ‘the void’. I can’t explain what it’s like or how it feels but it’s something that only can be sensed like when staring at the corner of your room in the dark; you can sense something is there but you can’t see it; you just know. That’s how the void makes you feel, the hairs on the back of your neck stand while your eyes just gravitate towards it unwillingly.

It all started when my girlfriend got her first apartment, it wasn’t anything fancy a small one bedroom in the middle of the city, she was excited and I wanted to be supportive so I did my best to show her adulation on her starting this new journey in life. I was on break for the semester and I was coming back home, me and my girlfriend have done our best to make a long distance relationship work and both me and her were beyond elated to see each other; but more importantly she was eager for me to see her apartment. As soon as I got home I told my parents


ate the delicious lunch my mom prepared for me something I was craving all semester and headed out to my girlfriends.

Arriving at the complex I was taken a bit back, the place was guarded with security that was armed, they swarmed around the perimeter guarding the entrances. As I approached closer I could see the arm guard began to look me up and down and before I was able to get a word out he interjected.

“Sir, no soliciting you must leave the premises” the over sized man told me.

The demeanor of the guard left me with a bit of bewilderment, thinking perhaps I had the wrong place. I pulled out my phone to double check the address and to add to my confounded mind I was in the right place.

“Sir, please the leave the premises” the giant man once again told me.

Still confused I did my best to mutter out a coherent sentence feeling intimidated by the man brandishing a rifle.

“My girlfriend Kimberly lives here, I…I’m here to visit her, she lives in 4B” I told the stoic man with my voice shaken from apprehension.

Adan Men

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