A scary story — Room for more

Adan Men
14 min readJan 29

Have you ever stared at a piece meat with the same enchantment that one might have for a loved one? Have you ever savored the scent of a freshly well prepared meal? These questions cause my skin to literally curl with the beloved anticipation of eating, because I love food and honestly I think it loves me back; let me explain. I am a professional competitive eater, you must be wondering to yourself “what in the world is that”? Well, I get paid to compete against other aggressive eaters, it’s a battle in reality; me indulging into the world of combat with a every bite I consume; my weapon of choice; a fork. I know it sounds it bit funny and perhaps to most this might even sound like a joke but for me it’s life. I get paid handsomely for every competition I win along with the perk of devouring all that delicious food that. Sometimes it’s a hot dog eating contest other times it’s pie; there’s even been exotic foods like camel. My wife tells me that I need to slow down, that I need to take a break from my sport; she want’s me to hang around long enough to see my new born grow, but I can’t; I just love food way too much; well that was until I found a website called “Room4more”.

I received the strangest invitation in the mail; it was to another eating contest, one like no other; the details were secretive and allusive. It didn’t reveal what meal or type of food I would be consuming rather it detailed their delight at having a champion as myself competing against other world elite eaters. The idea of being in a global eating contest caused the hairs on the back of neck to stand but more vividly it caused my stomach to grumble. I read thoroughly through the invitation looking for any clues of to what organization this was, it just stated that they knew who I was and that the grand prize would be one hundred grand.

“I can’t believe it”, I ecstatically said out loud to myself, causing my wife to yell out “what” from the room over.

I ignored her not bothering to respond instead I kept reading every word presented to me in the unusual letter.

“We are glad to have a champion of your caliber but know that the food of choice would be kept secret until the tournament. Once revealed refusal of eating said food would result in immediate disqualification.” the invite stated.

Adan Men

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