A Scary Story for my YT channel— The Land of the DARK

Adan Men
9 min readJul 7

I live in a big city, high rise buildings block out the sun from almost every direction, because of this I like to say I live in the ‘land of dark’; it’s a bit hyperbolic, though, when the night arrives we are practically left in pitch darkness. Although the street lights do a fair job at illuminating our pathways, like one might expect nefarious things happen in the emptiness of the dark, sometimes it’s a robbery and then again sometimes it’s much worse. The last thing I’ve ever wanted to do is get caught up in a situation that was none of my business, so I’ve learned to ignore my surroundings when it comes to people, which is an odd feeling; since I walk around a city of millions to only feel as if I’m the only one alive. To make matters more dire I don’t have a car, no need for one; everything is pretty much walking distance including my job. I work the graveyard shifts at a gas station and I see the craziest things, Knife stabbing; seen it, shootings; heard it, hell I’ve even seen rats attack one another and for the most part I look away. Life was stale, the stench of violence simmered in the air but it was a smell I’ve grown accustom to, desensitized to all the insanity and I didn’t mind it staying that way, that is; until I saw the man dressed in black.

It was another late night shift, the time seem to be ticking away at even slower pace than usual, I flipped through a magazine uninterested in the world outside; only lifting my eyes occasionally to make sure the person buying alcohol looked old enough. It must of been maybe 2a.m. when two guys walked in arguing with one another, one was saying something about the others girlfriend; I don’t know I wasn’t trying to listen but I didn’t have my ear buds on so a little of the conversation seeped in. I squint my eyes more narrow trying to focus my attention on what I was reading; how I can get ab’s in under six minutes, but that’s when the shouting commenced, the arguing had escalated. I surrendered my solace gripping the store phone up in the air indicating to the men I was phoning for the police, as I held up the earpiece I noticed the strangest silhouette in the corner of the store; a figure of a man. He was huge at least 7ft tall, well, I believe it was a man, I really couldn’t tell since the person was wearing an oversized black trench coat with the collar snapped up towards his…

Adan Men

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