A scary story for my YouTube Channel — The ENDLESS Closet

Adan Men
19 min readJul 21

“Check this out” Emma shouted out to me.

I sluggishly approached understanding that we still had a lot of unpacking to do.

Entering the bedroom I saw my girlfriend looking at our closet with a gaze of wonderment, I smiled knowing that she had wanted more space for her clothes when we decided to move. The closer I got to Emma I realized she wasn’t looking directly into the closet, rather, her head was tilted up.

“What are you looking at?” I asked with a slight chuckle in my voice.

I crept up from behind and embraced her in my arms as I pushed aside a bit of her hair to apply a delicate kiss unto her neck. She remained quiet for several seconds as her stare did not give. She then raised her arm and pointed up towards the ceiling in the closet. My eyes carefully followed her direction as I locked in at what she had been staring at; it was pure darkness, some void of emptiness that hovered above in the closet. I let go of Emma’s waist and stepped inside turning on the small light that was mounted to the side of the wall, to my astonishment it was still pitch dark. I was bewildered of how tall the ceiling must of been, which was weird since everywhere else in the townhome had normal size ceilings.

“That is weird isn’t it” I told my girlfriend.

She nodded her head in agreement still remaining silent, I reached for my phone to turn on the flashlight app; I pointed it upwards hoping to see how far this mysterious ceiling extended. As the faint light shined above the darkness seemed to swallow it up, devouring every photon leaving me and Emma completely confounded. At this point my curiosity had been triggered and I pondered on how I could test the height of the ceiling, I could hear Emma walk away seemingly already bored with the mystery that laid before us.

We moved to this new home, leaving behind a brutal past that both me and Emma had no interest in reliving, well, I guess mainly Emma. She had a let’s just say a not so friendly ex; his name was Jake, and he was borderline stalking her. I constantly reassured Emma that I was there to protect her that I wouldn’t let anything happen to her, I even bought a gun, something that made me feel uncomfortable but she was worth the…

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