A scary story everyday til Halloween — The pet MONSTER in the basement

Adan Men
7 min readOct 18, 2022

My daughter is the absolute love of my life, she is my spitting image a little mini me that likes to follow me around and do all the “guy” stuff a father would do. When I work on the house she is the one that hands me my tools, though she is only 7 years old she already knows what a pair of channel locks look like, she even knows how to properly use a measuring tape; I find it to be the most adorable thing whenever her little finger counts how many 1/16's or 1/8" of an inch something is. I know most parents probably wouldn’t feel safe with their 7 year old handling tools but I’m always there to supervise her and make sure she learns how to respect said tools, me telling her as usual

“These are what?”

“They’re not toys” she would always respond in her cute soft voice bringing a smile to my stoic face.

Whenever we do finish a project together my little helper would gather up all the tools and place them carefully into my tool box, trying her best to pick up the container to hand it to me. Her little arms would just aggressively shake with effort; trying her best to lift the heavy box, so I would usually let her try for several minutes, me watching on with enchantment at her ambition. Finally after giving her several minutes to try and seeing her huffing and puffing from exhaustion I will bend down to her level and kiss her little forehead and then pick up the heavy box taking down into the basement where I house the rest of my equipment. She always wants to go down there, an idea I am not to fond of; knowing I have way too many tools and construction material out in the open where she could easily get hurt. This only made her curiosity grow and for being small child I could imagine how much her imagination must of built up what was down in the basement, so I decided to use that wonderment to my advantage, I told her there was a monster living in the basement. I figured this would be the perfect deterrent to discourage her from ever wanting to go down there.

I know what your thinking, what kind of father tries to scare their 7 year old kid, well I guess me, and I know what probably bothers you even more why wouldn’t I just put a lock on the door. You see, that’s where I have an issue I don’t like locked doors; for the longest I…

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