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Adan Men
4 min readOct 24, 2022

“It is time”, the words where softly spoken to me while I was awakened from my deep slumber. Cultivating any bodily responses I cautiously opened my eyes to see who was speaking to me; to my surprise it was a police officer; he told me it was ‘time to leave’. I was disconnected to the situation not knowing where he came from or where I was. My body creaked with a every movement as I lifted myself up with utter remorse.

My eyes adjusting to the blazing sun I was able to focus in on my surroundings, I was outside in what seemed to be a park, a bit of a crowd was forming around me. I was inundated with heavy gazes from the surrounding patrons; whispers could be heard “maybe its his time”. Still dazed; casually frozen images of last night started to spindle throughout my mind, clashes of beer mugs and the scent of cigarettes filled my memories; what a night I told myself.

“Hey buddy, time for you to go” the officer told me this time with more intensity.

I didn’t have the energy to stand; for a brief second I humored the idea of crawling; it made me chuckle, I can only imagine what the onlookers thought.

“I’m giving you to the count of…”, I interjected before the officer could finish his sentence.

“Sorry, rough night didn’t mean to scare anyone” I told him apologetically.

As I stood to my feet I could hear the echos of disappointment from all the onlookers, I suppose they were hoping for more of a climatic ending. As my captive audience slowly started to dissipate the officer began to scold me for my public intoxication but his words were once again cut short; this time by a terrifying scream. Coming down the street was a man; whom seemed to be in his thirties; was running and screaming as if someone was chasing him, but not a soul could be seen behind him. Screaming for help he kept yelling

“how is it going to happen? Someone please tell me” and then bang!

A car hit him as he began to cross the street. It was a brutal sight, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a watermelon fall from a second story balcony and how it smashes into pieces upon impact; what can say when I was a kid there was no internet we found different ways to entertain ourselves back then; well it was…



Adan Men

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