A scary story everyday til Halloween — The GIANT PUMPKIN

Adan Men
8 min readOct 21, 2022

Aidan sat at his desk impatiently staring at the clock that hovered over the teacher; counting down the minutes for the bell to ring. Today was Halloween and for the first time his mother was going to let him hand out the candy to all the eager ‘trick or treaters’, something he has wanted to do for years. Aidan has always adored the festive holiday, usually he would dress up like the others and comb the streets in hopes of having a bag full of delicious treats by the end of the night; he always has had a sweet tooth. Though now at the age of 14 the young boy felt as if he was no longer a boy in fact he felt more like a man, and he now wanted to experience the harmonious relationship that he has had through out the years when receiving candy, now he’ll be the one handing it out, making all the young kids smile.


The bell rang and all the students quickly evacuated the classroom flooding out into the hallways. Aidan with rapid pace stormed towards his locker to put his books away, he wanted to get home as quickly as possible and in doing so he accidentally bumped into Kyle; the school bully. Kyle was much bigger than the other kids, puberty came early and he grew to quite a size. In Aidans haste he didn’t see Kyle coming; someone he usually avoids and with the collision catching the bully off guard it knocked all the books out of his hands.

“What the hell fairy” Kyle said with irritation.

Aidan didn’t know how to respond, so he stood there in a bit of quandary not knowing if he should just run or apologize profusely, he chose the latter.

“I’m so sorry Kyle, I didn’t mean, let me get that” Aidan said and quickly bent over to recover the books, then handed them back to Kyle.

The bully just stared intensely at Aidan, relishing in the fact that he could sense the fear fluttering out of the smaller boy, it made him smile.

“Listen fairy, you’re lucky it’s Halloween, I have places to go and houses to egg” the bully said while laughing out loud to himself.

As the brute walked away still laughing Aidan brushed the sweat that accumulated on his brow and breathed a sigh of relief.



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