A scary story everyday til Halloween — The CREATURE in my A.I. generated image HAUNTS me

Adan Men
6 min readOct 20, 2022

I am a gamer, not a very good one but non the less I would consider myself one; I guess I’m a novice so to speak. The issue isn’t that I can’t play very well rather my computer is too slow, the screen constantly becomes pix-elated and stutters; by the time the frame is finished rendering I’m already dead, in the gaming world he who rules supreme rules it with the best computer. I knew if I ever was going to have a chance at being a top level player I needed the best equipment, so I badgered my parents for months on that fact that I wanted a new computer, I even lied; I told them I needed a computer for school. Most of the time they didn’t buy the excuse that I tried to sell them, though eventually for my birthday they got me one, well actually I was able to buy the parts and construct it myself, the whole thing set my parents back about $5000 and I promised them that I would continue to study hard and get straight A’s, of course that is if I wasn’t busy gaming. Hey, we’re allowed to cross our fingers when speaking to our parents, its a tradition of being an adolescent.

The computer was marvelous, I stared at all the flashing lights entrancing me in its colorful dance; it illuminating my room as if I were at some 1970’s disco. I decided to delete my old gaming profile and I created a new one, after all new computer new gamer, I didn’t want my fellow gamer’s knowing how much I use to suck. I needed to come up with the perfect avatar and after scouring the what seem to be endless list of available choices I decided to create my own. My friends told me of an A.I. generator I could use; before my computer was just too slow to even make one pixel appear but now I had the power to make my wildest dreams come alive, well at least the A.I.’s dreams. The generator for the most part was easy to use, you didn’t have to be some art connoisseur or even some tech wiz, just type in a few words and click, so I did.

‘click, clack, click, clack,’

My fingers typed away while my imagination constructed the perfect image, I quickly learned you had to be very specific when telling the A.I. what you wanted.

“Monster face with devilish horns protruding from his scaled head and eyes that were as yellow as the sun…”

Adan Men

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