A scary story everyday til Halloween — The Blank SPOT

Adan Men
5 min readOct 22, 2022

I’m what you would call a “couch potato”, I like to sit down on my sofa with a beer and just stare at the television for hours. I only get up whenever its absolutely necessary and that usually consists of me using the bathroom or making myself a snack to eat just to return back to the couch and in front of my T.V. I was married once and my wife left me because of my sloth like behavior, she said I had no drive or sense of direction and that she wouldn’t waste anymore time on a “bum” like me, well at least I think that’s what she said; I was too busy watching some infomercial on how to in their words “slice and dice to perfection” the only thing I do remember was the door slamming shut with ferocity. Honestly I didn’t care, my world was simple, go to work and put in my eight hours and then come home and watch the world through my magical screen. There was always something on, the news that outraged me, the movie that made my eyes teary or a good ol’ fashion comedy to make my gut hurt from excessive laughing. It was a world that I loved and had no plans on changing, well that was until I saw the ‘blank spot’.

It was in the upper right corner of my television set, it was small and not noticeable until I saw it during an infomercial, the blank spot skewed one of the numbers when it came to the price of the cheap item.

“What the heck is that?” I asked out loud to myself.

I stood up and walked closer to the television, at first I thought it was just a smudge, so I licked my fingers and aggressively tried to wipe of the spot but to my disappointment it didn’t clear.

“Great its busted” I said with annoyance.

I returned to my couch irritated but tried my best not to pay it any mind.

The next day returning home from work I did the usual, went to the fridge pulled out a nice cold beer and headed towards my sofa, I picked up the remote then turned on my television and to my dread the ‘blank spot’ had spread. It now completely engulfed the top right corner of my T.V. By this point my frustration caused me to do something I thought would never do and that is I turned off the television and headed to bed early.

On my way home the next day I stopped by the electronic store and got myself a brand…



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