A scary story everyday til Halloween — Skin Deep

Adan Men
9 min readOct 19, 2022

“Listen its all about layers” Jessica told me while applying makeup on her face; her trying to teach me on how to contour.

“It will never work, my face is like big giant ugly square, no way will I ever look as beautiful as you” I told her with defeat protruding from my voice.

“Beauty is only skin deep” she quickly responded back.

I rolled my eyes at the idea of her using that tired cliche; something I’ve heard all my life, not just from her but from my parents as well. Jessica is my best friend and honestly probably one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in my life. I knew no amount of makeup would ever make me look a tenth of what she looked like even without make up, I was awkward, my face was not proportional; seemingly as if I were one giant Lego block instead of a person.

We grew up as neighbors living next to each other and when we were little we found ourselves in a world of similarities, our interest aligned with one another and we quickly became friends. As we entered high school something became very evident, Jessica grew into her glorious form while I was; well not so glorious. To make matters worse I was pencil thin with no shape at all and no matter how much I ate I just stayed thin, no visible curves in any areas of my body so I wore baggy clothes it was better than letting everyone see me as some anorexic girl, the baggy clothes gave the illusion of some girth. The boys in our school were absolutely infatuated with Jessica constantly following her around like puppy dogs whimpering for attention, most ignored my existence whenever they would talk to Jessica.

“Aren’t you gonna tell my friend hi as well” Jessica would tell the young boys.

Their faces would then be consumed with either disgust when looking at my direction or sometimes even worse; laughter. The common joke amongst my fellow classmates was that I were the “before puberty” phase and Jessica was the “after”, I hated high school and deep down I started to resent my dear friend for being so attractive, why couldn’t I have an ounce of her beauty; even her hair was blondish gold as if she were some goddess. The only boy that would ever acknowledge me was Jake, well at least he would talk to the both of us and usually I would catch a…



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