A scary story everyday til Halloween — A Campfire Story

Adan Men
5 min readOct 22, 2022

I’m running on very little sleep and I’ve been super busy today so this is the best story I could come up with in 30 minutes, sorry for all the grammatical mistakes.

“…and then the vampire came from the shadows and bit him!” David yelled out trying to jump scare his friends.

Instead of jumping the little boys just stared at their friend with annoyance wondering how they could ever find any of that scary.

“Lame” Alex shouted out mocking the story.

It was a brisk windy night, the cold simmered all around engulfing the little boys who all sat close to the campfire for warmth.

“Alright, well who’s next to tell a story then” David told the others.

“Don’t get mad, but stories like that aren’t scary because c’mon on dude, there’s no such thing as vampires. You should of used a serial killer or something like that in your story” Steven told David.

David loved to camp out in his backyard with his two best friends Alex and Steven.

“But vampires do exist” Timmy softly mummered out.

Though this time they had invited an extra camper, Timmy the new shy and quiet kid.



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