A scary story every week for my YT channel — The MONSTER in the WATER

Adan Men
10 min readMar 11, 2023

I’ve always been afraid of the water, something about its mysterious depths obscuring the unknown has always left me feeling uneasy, in fact for this reason I’ve never learned how to swim. My father tried to teach me once, we were at our local lake enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun shined bright bathing us in it’s warmth as I innocently dipped my feet into the water, smiles and jovial laughter fluttered in the air.

“It’s time for you to learn how to swim” my father told me.

I gleefully giggled, happy to the revelation that my dad was finally going to show me how to swim. I retreated my feet out of the shore line and followed him to the edge of the dock, he jumped in and remained submerged for several seconds, my eyes fixated on the rippling current waiting for my dad to come back up. Time slowed to an excruciating pace as my patience grew into concern.


“Okay son, you’re turn, jump in and I’ll catch you” my father said as he surprised me with a heavy splash.

My smile returned as I saw him and all confidence was restored knowing that nothing bad could ever happen as long my dad was around. So I took a deep breath and gripped my nose shut with my fingers as I aimed carefully to land into my farther’s open arms. The most odd feeling inundated my senses as my feet lifted off the ground, anxiety shot across my mind as my eyes remained on my fathers gaze, I saw his smile slowly morph into the most hideous frown.

“arghhh” my father yelped out.

By the time I landed in the water my dad had disappeared out of sight, I kicked and thrashed as I called out for him, I could feel my body getting more heavy as I began to sink. I screamed and pleaded for help not knowing what had happened to my father and within seconds; I descended into the abyss of emptiness, the world above cautiously fading away as darkness engulfed me.

I don’t know how long I was in the water for, I woke up with an audience overlooking my small body, a man hovered above asking if I was alright; I wanted to respond but the only words that escaped my mouth were,

“Where’s my dad?”



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