A scary story every week for my YT Channel — Someone is stealing my Creepypastas from Reddit before I write them

Adan Men
12 min readApr 8

I write scary stories, well, to be exact I write Creepypastas something I love to do. I’m not really that good at writing them but I find it to be therapeutic; especially since my mind is over flowing with ideas, my problem is I just don’t know how to translate my thoughts into words, believe or not it’s a lot more difficult than it looks. I sometimes just stare at my screen pondering on how to describe a simple scene, I mean, in my mind I picture a monstrous hand glistening in the moon light while it’s razor sharp claws display absolute malice while all I type is ‘ugly hand with sharp nails’. My friends tell me that I will get better with practice I laugh under my breath because I’ve been writing since I was a kid, but for whatever reason the neurons in my brain that help me detail a scenario just don’t connect. Though this fact hasn’t dissuaded me from writing, I read my own stories over and over with enchantment, it truly makes me smile. Something else I like to do is scour the NoSleep Reddit forum, reading other peoples stories amazed on how they make it look so easy. I’m always too timid to reach out to any of the authors for help, knowing they probably would scoff after reading the first sentence to one of my stories. One night as I scrolled through what seem to be endless list of stories one particular thread caught my eye, it seemed familiar.

“The man who never smiled” I read out loud to myself.

I scratched my head for several seconds with a bit befuddled, I once wrote a story with that exact same title. Out of my own curiosity I clicked on the forum reading through the story and to my astonishment it was my story, word for word.

“What the heck, did someone steal my story?” I asked myself with complete bewilderment.

Though I was upset but at the same time I felt a bit flattered, I mean someone thought my idea was good enough to plagiarize. I scrolled my mouse over to click on the users name, the author had the most intriguing handle.

“Before it comes, huh” I read out loud feeling perturbed at the whole situation.

I just remained silent and unmoved for several seconds staring at my screen with disbelief…

Adan Men

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