A scary story every week for my YT channel — My mother warned me to never lose weight, now I know why

Adan Men
11 min readMar 4

I’ve always been the chubby kid, constantly being teased by my peers for how heavy was; I never really understood the big deal; I mean yeah I’m overweight but, whats that got to do with you and for that reason I was tormented everyday. Standing next to my classmates it was evident of my size, but, when I would go home, well, that’s where I would be the smallest; I come from a long line of let’s just say obese people. Every morning my mother would make her usual for me and my father, pancakes with mountains of sugar and syrup, only to follow up dinner with a meal just as gluttonous. This was an everyday occurrence and to be honest I loved it, I mean what kid doesn’t want to eat an endless serving of junk food. It wasn’t until my father became ill and started to lose weight did I even fathom the idea that we could be thin; that I could be thinner. For some reason my father being ill didn’t worry my mother, rather, it was the losing weight part that kept up at night concerned. She constantly would feed him infinite of amount servings while rejecting the prescribed medication that was given to him knowing that it would only suppress his appetite.

“You have to eat, you have to force” my mother would tell my bed ridden father as he gasped for oxygen.

I didn’t know what to think, I found it odd but it was my parents and I figured my mother knew what was best; perhaps she thought her cooking could nurture my father back to health. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, he passed away, I didn’t get to tell him good bye or even see him, my mother took him away before I had the chance. She told me that she knew he would pass soon and that she took him to some special home where you don’t receive any treatment instead you pass peacefully. At this point I was entering high school and I was left completely devastated, all I wanted to do was eat; it made me feel better. My mother did her best to console me in the only way she knew how, in her cooking, I must of ballooned up to at least 300 pounds; something that delighted my mother.

As years came and went I only grow more lonely, I had no friends no girlfriend no companions of any kind what so ever, except for my mother.

Adan Men

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