A scary story every week for my YouTube channel — The FLOATER in my eye is NOT normal

Adan Men
9 min readMay 7

I can’t stop seeing it, that thing is everywhere I go, I don’t why this happening but no matter where I look ‘its’ always watching me. I can’t even sleep I still it when I close my eyes and I beg; plead just to have peace some rest because staying awake is more terror than you can imagine you see it’s in my eyes and no matter how much I rub them, doing my best to drain the sludge that accumulates ‘its’ there. At this point I think I have the solution of how to make it go away; but before I do I have to warn anyone and everyone that might someday see it.

It started off as a prank, nothing serious; me and my friends are known in our little town as the teen hooligans. We don’t do anything crazy, usually we just hang out in the midnight hours spray painting the walls of our school, they know it’s us because we tend to leave our names, I know but we’re kids. April fools was soon approaching a day me and my friends relished knowing it was practically ritual to haze our fellow classmates. We gathered during lunch discussing an endless amount of pranks and soon the perfect idea came to mind, a timeless classic I suggested for us to make a stink bomb; something we could do during chemistry. I could see my friends faces light up with enchantment from the suggestion each and everyone of them expressing a devilish twinkle in their eyes.

Before class I Googled how to make the perfect stink bomb and as I read through several forums all the science jargon virtually gave me a headache but I stay resolved with absolute confidence as I met up with my friends. We followed the instructions to the “T” adding extra ingredients here and there making sure this prank would be the mother of all. We planned on detonating the bomb during the school pep rally; an idea that made me giggle; I could picture the cheerleaders running in disgust. As we mixed and stirred the horrid tonic my friend Billy started horsing around.

“Let’s make sure we shake it good” He said as he gyrated the bottle in a gesturing lude manner.

That’s when some of the chemical splashed in my eyes.

“Argh, dammit Billy, look what you did” I screeched out, with pure rage protruding from my voice.

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