A SCARY story every week for my YouTube channel — My WIFE is growing something WEIRD in the backyard

Adan Men
9 min readApr 30

I’ve been married for over twenty years and sadly to say my marriage isn’t going so great, I’m not the perfect husband to say the least. I love my wife but that flame that was once lit underneath us has vanquished and now I spend most of my time watching T.V. while my wife stares at me with utter disgust. I told her that she needed to get a hobby like me, she laughed as she let out a subtle grunt, berating me for calling my television watching a hobby. I chuckled and told her I also drink so the two practically combine to make sport, she walked away after that cursing me loud enough so I could hear her echo from the other room. I usually ignored her unless I was out of beer that’s when I would call out for her asking her to go to the store for me, I’ve even shortened my request to a simple

“Babe, beer!”

As I pulled out my last beer from the cooler next to my chair I remained irritated not wanting to turn my gaze from the T.V. the game was on and we we’re in the ‘bottom of the 9th’ so I did my usual call,

“Babe! Beer”.

Though this time I got no response, I felt my irritation gradually morph into a bit of anger.

“Babe!” I shouted out once again, still nothing the house remained still and silent.

I groaned from my own lethargy and crawled out of my ‘lazy boy’ as my knees creaked from the sudden shift in weight.

“Babe, where are you, can you go to the store for me?” I asked with a more sincere tone not wanting to walk any further and that’s when I heard a sound; it was coming from the backyard.

I cautiously slithered my way to my back door; entranced by the noise because to my astonishment it was my wife singing, but even more bewildering she was singing in a jovial way. I didn’t know what to think I couldn’t remember the last time my wife even smiled let alone sang. As I stared on with disbelief through my patio screen door I soon realized my wife was gardening. I could see her carefully lay the soil around some new plant and I couldn’t explain it but for whatever reason seeing her happy left me vexed.

Adan Men

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