A scary story every week for my YouTube channel — I found SOMETHING STRANGE on a construction site

Adan Men
6 min readMay 27

I work construction, well, to be exact I’m more of a day laborer; I don’t have any particular skills in any trade. Because of this I usually end up doing all the grunt work, they need the jobsite cleaned, they call me. The pay isn’t bad and honestly I don’t really have the desire to work anywhere else, I’m one of those people that sort of just let my apathy embody me although I have daydreams of being someone important someday I just don’t know how. Needless to say the days are long and tiresome; especially during the summer, that’s when I wish I possessed a bit more motivation to find another job, but, by the time I get home I’m already in zombie mode and the only thing I can think of is cracking open an ice cold beer once walking through the door, that was until I found the strangest object on the jobsite.

The day was like any other, I was walking around the site doing my best to stay hidden, passing the time on my phone but unfortunately my boss found me. He needed me to dig a ditch outside something I wasn’t looking forward to since the excruciating sun would be showering down it’s harsh heat on me. I tried to play dumb and told him I didn’t know how to dig but he didn’t buy the excuse, I could feel all of my enthusiasm for the day escape me and I reluctantly searched for a shovel.

Sweat cascaded down my face as I dug my shovel deep into the earth, with each thrust I could feel my energy slowly slip away and I even contemplated the idea of quitting. I was about 5 feet deep when my shovel hit something hard, the sound echoed in the narrow trench startling me causing me to fall back, twisting my ankle in the process.

“Dang it!” I screeched out with irritation.

My eyes cautiously crawled over to the obstruction that my shovel had hit and at first I couldn’t see it; most of it was still buried in the soil and initially I thought it was rock but something about the way the thing protruding from the ground glistened in the sunlight sparked my curiosity. I kept digging doing my best not to break or damage the object and soon I saw what it was and to my horror it was a fossilized skeletal hand, the remains of some poor soul. I didn’t know what to think I just stared down at it for…

Adan Men

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