A scary story every week for my YouTube Channel — I Discovered a STRAND of THREAD on the corner of my ELBOW

Adan Men
10 min readFeb 19, 2023

I discovered a strand of thread escaping from my elbow and I started to pull it out, but now I regret it. I first noticed it about a month ago well technically my girlfriend pointed it out to me, I just finished 3rd period and I waited out in the hallway for my girlfriend in front of her locker, an encounter that has become ritual. As I stood still observing the sea of my fellow classmates pass by I felt the most annoying itch, I’ve always had a bit of problem with dry skin but this was ridiculous, I almost felt like ripping my own skin off; the sensation was coming from my elbow. I scratched and clawed at the spot, eventually I started to aggressively rub my elbow on my girlfriend Maria’s locker to try to soothe my irritation.

“What the hell are you doing” Maria asked me while garnishing a perplexed expression.

I blushed for a moment out of embarrassment, not really wanting her to know of my epidermic issue.

“Nothing, I just had a small itch and you know I decided to go ‘grizzly’ on it” I said while chuckled nervously.

She just stared at me with a bit of befuddlement, I cautiously leered at her facial expression for any looks of disgust; she’s always been out of my league so I genuinely did my best to impress each day.

“You’re such a nerd” she told me while shoving me out of the way of her locker.

That’s when she noticed it, the strand protruding from my arm.

“Eww dude, stop scratching, your skin is peeling off.” she told me.

As my eyes slowly veered down to see what Maria was talking about a sensation of dread embodied me, there it was sticking about an inch out of my elbow; it wasn’t a piece of my skin but more like a strand of hair. It was black but thick, it almost glistened some how and my eyes were absolutely fixated on it as if my mind had drifted into some other worldly slumber.

“Hello, are you going to carry my books or what?” my girlfriend asked me snapping me out of my feverish daydream.

I shook my head trying to brush off the unsettling feeling, seeing Maria just staring at me with trepidation I smiled…



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