A scary story ALMOST everyday til Halloween — I’m possessed by a demon and I won’t let it ESCAPE

Adan Men
7 min readOct 29, 2022

I know what you’re thinking, who in their right mind would ever admit to having a demon inside of them and not wanting them to escape, well I guess that would be me. After all what is a right mind, for me its one that finds harmony in its surroundings, eternal bliss. When I was a younger I was to say the least not popular; I was a mere shadow; lost in a sea of many. I would look around at all my classmates and wonder how did they make it seem so easy; belonging. I couldn’t talk to other kids and if words ever did escape my mouth they would be muttered, condensed down to pure gibberish only for the kids to laugh whenever I tried talking to them. All that changed the day my mother got me invited to Trevor’s birthday party.

He was a bit popular and almost the entire class was going to his party, his family was rich and owned the biggest house in the outskirts of town. My mother worked for his family and she pleaded and begged for me to be invited, I was a bit apprehensive; I could just imagine all the kids faces when they saw me there, befuddled with the thought of why Trevor would ever invite a kid like me, but to my delight people just treated me in the same way they did at school, as if I were invisible. I wandered around the mansion looking at all the different artifacts that Trevor’s family had on display, statues wearing medieval armor and paintings of men with long beards who’s eyes seem just to follow every step you took as you passed by it. Eventually I found myself in the basement, nothing to exciting was down there just mainly boxes of papers neatly organized and stacked one on top of the other. I was about to head back upstairs and join my fellow classmates but that’s when I saw it, the wooden tablet; it was jammed in between the mountain of boxes, the old unpolished wood glistened some how in the dimly lit basement; it drawing me to it as if I were some bug attracted to a blue light. I glided across the room effortlessly and reached my small arm to pull the board out, it slid towards me with a screech as if it was happy someone was finally giving it any attention. As I held the gloomy board in my arms I looked down and to my surprise it was a Ouija board.

Adan Men

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