31 Days of Phobia — Trypophobia

Adan Men
1 min readOct 6

My son is afraid to sleep by himself, every night he comes into our room asking if he can sleep with us. I think he’s getting too big to be scared of the dark but that’s when he told me it’s not the darkness rather the holes; the ones in the ceiling. We live in an old house so we have much needed repairs including dark spots in the drywall.

So when I took my son back to his room to show him there was nothing to be scared of he told me it wasn’t just the holes but the voices coming from them and that’s when I heard a child’s voice coming from the ill faded spot in the ceiling. My eyes widened with disbelief because it was my son’s voice talking to someone that sounded like me and he was complaining about the voices coming from the holes on the floor.

Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading :)

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