31 Days of Phobia — Arachnophobia

Adan Men
1 min readOct 3

I can feel it, crawling inside of me; it’s eight legs slithering around my insides trying to escape or worse nesting. I accidentally ate a spider, I know how does that happen; well, it happens when your wife forces you to have a picnic and now I’m certain I can feel it. At first I didn’t give it much thought, I assumed my digestive system would flush it out but now something is off, I feel different.

I noticed that my appetite was changing but after a eating a few bugs I craved more; my skin is always irritated as weird strands seem to be protruding from my body, but even more dire some goo like substance is coming from my mouth. I am changing and the more I stare at my wife the more delicious she looks.

Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading :)

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